Watch Videos on PC without Interruptions

Watch videos without interruption. When you are watching videos from web or DVD if you get some Interruptions in video playback in different ways than there is a solution present for you.

Some times, the screen saver can activate itself or the computer screen may get in sleep mode if you don’t touch the mouse or the keyboard for a long period (if you are busy watching the video). Sometimes, pop-up notifications from IMs and other programs,which  are running in the background, can also affect playback.

You can easily turn-off these interruptions by Windows Settings but the problem approach is that the changes will stay even when you have watched video. To give you an example, if you disable the screensaver before hitting play, it will permanently  stay in the disabled state forever unless you re-enable it manually.

Therefore, instead of fiddling with your existing configuration, you can use some software which stops this interruption.

Some media players comes with the the settings which will automatically turn off the screen saver during video playback. If you are using VLC, go to Video settings and check the option that says “Disable screensaver.” In Windows Media Player, go to Player options and uncheck the box that says “Allow screen saver during playback.”

if your media player does not provide this kind of feature then do not worry there is a software called as Mouse Jiggler . which changes your computers settings for while you play video and after video is played your original settings will be replaced.

Mouse jiggler just moves your mouse even when you are not touching the mouse. all you need to do is just install mouse jiggler and run it.


but there is one more problem which is your notifications and pop-up and of this just  go to right corner of desktop and exit all unused application. after that you can watch videos without videos without interruption

 watch videos without interruption

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