Top Browsers for Android Jelly Bean

Top Browsers for Android Jelly Bean. In this post I will let you know top five browsers for Android Jelly Bean.

1)) Dolphin HDDolphin

Dolphin HD is the best browser present for Android Jelly Bean. This Browser contain many additional features which are not present in other browsers like-Many useful Add-ons which are only present in this browser. Dolphin HD browser provides faster speed than Google chrome. You can Download this browser from here

2)) Google Chrome

Google Chrome is on second position just because of is good power of displaying and handling any website . This Browser can open any website and handle that. Java script of Google chrome is more better than any other browser for handling the website. And also zoom feature of Google chrome is impressive. Download from here

3)) Fire FoxFire Fox-

Fire Fox also supports many Add-ons which any browser should support. Because of some slower speed than Google chrome and handling this browser is on the third place. In one way this Fire Fox is more better than Google Chrome that all the tabs are are open simultaneously together. Download FireFox from here

4))Opera MobileTop Browsers for Android Jelly Bean

Opera Mobile is on of the best browser present  on the Google play. this is the fastest browser for Android. there is an option of Opera Turbo which reduces the size of website and than presents you. opera synchronize is also one of the best option in this browser which lets you to  synchronize your all bookmarks present in your PC and in other device opera. Download Opera from here.

5))  Maxthon browserMexthon Mobile-

Maxthon browser is on the fifth place because of its Add-ons and similar features like dolphin HD browser. This browser is also faster in speed. Look of  Maxthon is also impressive. Get Maxthon Browser from here.

Top Browsers for Android Jelly Bean

this all the above browsers may get more better than today after getting update for jelly bean. To get further information  come again on this post for new updates.


I hope you got some thing new about Top Browsers for Android Jelly Bean.


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